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The plumbing system is the engine of your home or business. With proper care, maintenance and repairs, the system will meet your expectations for the life of your investment. We deliver solutions in an ever-changing world to keep your plumbing system up to date and flowing the way it should.

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At Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co., we understand that sewer and drain systems can go from free flowing and run smoothly, to a soft stoppage in the blink of an eye. This me s, you will need qualified help there fast. Now that doesn’t mean you need to just up and replace your sewer or drains. As a matter of fact, that’s when you need the real plumbing professionals like Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co. on your team to diagnose the problem and deploy the best solution needed to restore your drainage system to its former efficiency. The days of guesswork are long gone – you shouldn’t be left “wondering” what is affecting your drainage system.

Hydro jetting with high pressure 3500 psi water blasts inside your line with various root destroyer attachments or the basic scouring descaling head attachment is the closest you can get to returning your sewer or drain line back to its original integrity, without replacing the piping itself. It’s an awesome piece of equipment in the drain cleaning arsenal and any reputable plumbing company should have one on hand to service their customers’ needs.

Our cutting-edge technology has taken the guess work out of a sewer and drain emergency services and provided comprehensive video and digital archiving to assist technicians with the appropriate diagnosis, to better educate the homeowners and clients. Long before any replacement alternatives are performed, our experts will be sure to inform you of every possible solution, ranging from basic drain rooting to an accessible clean out, or an advanced approach such as hydro-jetting for those tougher problematic applications. Our knowledgeable techs can also offer a host other options to explore your immediate and long-term drain cleaning and maintenance needs. Here at Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co., we provide emergency response service with state-of-the-art equipment that is capable of tackling any residential or commercial backup or stoppage. Whether the stoppage is caused by roots, foreign objects, excessive debris, grease buildup, mineral scaling, or more, Right Size Plumbing & Drain is the company for the job.

Does your home have blocked or clogged sewer and drain pipes? Blockages can develop fast, either as a result of tissues and other substances disposed of down the drain or leaves, plants and other garden waste collecting inside your home’s drainage system.

We offer hydro jetting services to quickly, safely and effectively clean out your home’s drainage system with no chemicals or damage. Our experienced staff has used hydro jetting to remove blockages from thousands of drains in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area.

From residential homes to commercial buildings, our hydro jetting services are available for all customers.

Do you need immediate service? We’re available 24/7 to take your calls and provide fast and efficient service. Please call us now on (424) 284-8806 to speak to a member of our team for additional information or to make an appointment.

What is hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting is a method used to unclog blocked drains and sewer lines using a concentrated jet of high pressure.

Using modern hydro jetting equipment, our staff can blast water into your home’s drainage and sewer lines at a pressure level of up to 4,000 psi, creating enough force to remove substances and items lodged inside the pipe that is causing a blockage.

Because hydro jetting uses a low volume of water, the effect is concentrated onto the walls of your home’s sewer and drainage system, rapidly removing substances that “stick” inside pipes and create blockages.

We typically use hydro jetting to remove substances such as mud, sand, and hair, which collects inside pipes over time and prevent water from flowing properly. In commercial settings, we use hydro jetting to remove oil and food waste, which can cause severe plumbing blockages.

Because hydro jetting uses water pressure to clean the inside of your home’s pipes, it’s a great way to remove blockages quickly and efficiently while preventing the damage to your pipes that can occur with techniques such as snaking or the use of corrosive chemicals.

Hydro jetting is safe, effective and chemical free, making it our preference for removing drainage and sewer blockages in most settings.

How do blocked sewer drains occur?

Most sewer drains become blocked as a result of materials building up inside the drainage pipe and preventing water from flowing freely.

Over time, small items and substances that you might not think of as being capable of causing a blocked drain can collect inside your home’s sewer pipes, creating a large blockage that makes it impossible for water and waste to flow down the drain.

After unblocking thousands of drains and sewer pipes in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area, we’ve found that most sewer drain blockages are caused by:

  • Discarded cooking oils, which can collect inside the drain and stop water from flowing properly, preventing drainage and creating severe blockages.
  • Food waste, including powders such as coffee grounds and starches, and food scraps that aren’t properly disposed of.
  • Toilet tissues, sanitary pads and other hygiene items that are too large to fit through the drain and collect in pipe joints and other areas.
  • Dirt, sand, dead leaves and other garden waste that can enter into your home’s drain and sewer system from your yard.
  • Tree roots, which can grow into your plumbing system can prevent water from flowing properly over time.

For the cases listed above, hydro jetting is a fast and effective way to remove the items causing the blockage and return your home or commercial building’s plumbing system to a complete level of efficiency.

For more information on our hydro jetting services in or to schedule an appointment, please call us now on (424) 284-8806.

Does your home need hydro jetting?

We offer hydro jetting as an option for clearing blocked and clogged drains. In some cases, the drain might be more efficiently cleared using other methods, ranging from the use of chemicals and cleaning solutions (for minor blockages) to the use of other drain cleaning equipment.

Typically, we use hydro jetting to clean storm and sewer drains, as well as other large pipes that aren’t suitable for other cleaning techniques.

One significant advantage of hydro jetting is that it allows for the complete removal of blockages from your home’s pipes. Other methods, such as snaking, often only allow for a small hole to be cut inside the blockage, reducing the diameter of the “unblocked” pipe.

All of our service vehicles are equipped with hydro jetting equipment, letting our staff use it as a cleaning method if required. Our process is to locate the source of the blockage before working to remove the substance — if hydro jetting is required, we will use it to remove the blockage.

Is hydro jetting safe?

Yes. Hydro jetting is a completely safe method of removing debris from your home’s sewer and drainage pipes. In fact, hydro jetting is one of the safest, least invasive methods of eliminating blockages from storm drains, sewers and other pipes.

However, it’s important that hydro jetting is performed by a qualified and experienced plumber in order to minimize damage. Our team has cleaned thousands of drains and sewers over the last 15+ years and can perform hydro jetting with a total focus on safety and effective results.

For more information on our hydro jetting services or to schedule an appointment, please call us now on (424) 284-8806. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week to take your calls and provide fast, efficient service.

Preventing blockages from reoccurring

Although hydro jetting is highly effective at removing blockages, it’s still possible for blockages to occur again if you don’t take preventative measures. Below, we’ve explained how to reduce the risk of blockages and keep your home’s drainage and sewer system clean:

  • Avoid disposing of oils and fats down the sink, especially fats that harden at room temperature. These fats can easily collect in your drain and cause serious blockages. Instead, let your cooking oil cool and store it in a sealed container with the rest of your garbage.
  • Never flush sanitary pads, contraceptives or other health items down the toilet, as they can easily become lodged in the drain pipe. Instead, dispose of these items as you would other garbage.
  • Avoid flushing excessive amounts of tissue paper down the toilet, as it can collect inside bends in your home’s drainage system. Instead, flush small amounts at once to prevent blockages from occurring.
  • Never dispose of food waste down the drain, unless you have a garbage disposal unit that can cut it into small enough particles to pass through the drain without any blockage risk.
  • Prevent dead leaves, branches, and other garden waste from collecting near your home’s drain pipes, as these substances can easily become lodged inside the drainage system and require manual removal.

Other drain cleaning options:

Hydro jetting is one of many drain cleaning services we offer. In some cases, such as for minor or easily accessible blockages, our technicians might recommend a different method to clear the drain and eliminate the blockage. These methods include:

Accessible Drain Cleanout

In some cases, drain blockages occur close to the entrance to the drain, allowing our plumbers to access the blockage without the use of special equipment. These blockages can usually be solved by accessing the drain cleanout.

This process is normally used for blockages that occur in the kitchen or bathroom drainage. In some cases, our plumbers can solve these blockages and return the drain to normal function without the use of any special equipment.

Electric Drain Auger

Also known as a “drain rooter” or a “plumbing snake,” an electric drain auger is a drain cleaning device made from a metal cable with a small head capable of cutting through debris stuck inside your home’s drainage system.

Typically, we use drain augers for blockages that are too deep inside a pipe or too large to clear with the use of a plunger. Drain augers are typically used for moderate blockages — for larger or more difficult blockages, we often use the hydro jetting equipment.

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Does your home or building have a blocked drain? If you have a blocked drain that just doesn’t seem to clear itself out, hydro jetting might be the most effective way to dislodge the debris and eliminate the blockage.

Our experienced team has provided hydro jetting services to thousands of customers in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas, ranging from residents and small businesses to large commercial and industrial buildings.

From our office in Winnetka, we can travel to your location to provide fast and efficient service without delay. Our team is available 24/7 to respond quickly to your calls and deliver service at the exact moment you need it.

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