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Residential Plumbing

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Most Common Residential Plumbing Issues and Fixes

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. Depending on the age of the property, the house can require various types of maintenance. Owning a house in a location like Los Angeles can be a little more expensive depending on the work that needs to be done. One of the most common issues for homeowners in the suburbs of Los Angeles is plumbing. It is expected that any home can encounter an issue with the plumbing system every once in a while, and the problem could become more prevalent the older the home gets. This information aims to provide some insights on the most common plumbing issues and provide some tips on how to prevent and fix them.

Faucet leaks

There are several common issues that any homeowner may encounter. Although in many of these cases, most of us would call a Los Angeles residential plumber to figure out what the problem is and provide a solution, it is still best to at least have an idea of these common issues and if possible, have a little knowledge on how to do a quick fix while you wait for the professional licensed plumber to arrive.

One of the most common plumbing issues is a leaky faucet. This very common problem would not usually require the help of any of plumbing services in Los Angeles since it can be fixed if you have a few tools available at home. Some homeowners would ignore a dripping faucet and would think that the problem is tolerable. However, it must be noted that dripping faucets waste water eventually adding potential costs to your bill. In a lot of instances, a leaky faucet is caused by deteriorating washer seats. There is more to fix this issue than simply removing the cap using a wrench and replacing the washers. There will be instances that you will need to replace the entire faucet assembly. If this is something that you cannot do then contacting a licensed professional plumber would be the only option.

Pipe Leaks

Another common issue in residential plumbing is pipe leaks. There are several causes for pipe leaks and it is important that this issue is fixed either by calling a Licensed professional plumber or by attempting to do it yourself. However, in many instances, it is always best to seek the help of a qualified Los Angeles residential plumber since the issue can be very complicated and the work is very extensive. Right size plumbing & drain co. plumbing services in Los Angeles are experts and can provide more permanent solutions.

The first step in fixing a leaking pipe is to shut off the water at the incoming valve to prevent further leaks. It is also important that you are familiar with your home plumbing system especially if the leaking pipe is located behind your walls. Identifying the location of a leaking pipe can be very tricky that is why it is best to employ a qualified plumber to do the job. In most cases, they would electronically locate, including looking for signs of damp walls and water stains. In some cases, the qualified plumbers would need to access a section of the wall to repair the pipes. This job may be a little extensive and you may need to secure some permits if the job will require this.

Water pressure issues

Low water pressure can be caused by several things. ‘In some cases, the low water pressure is caused by external issues like poor water pressure at your pressure regulator at the inlet of your home. Or it can be a supply issue in your area. The location of the household or the pipes itself can also cause a drop in the water pressure. If your house is located on a higher ground then you may encounter low water pressure especially in the upper part of the household if your supply system is improperly designed without booster pumps or other design needs. Leaking pipes may also cause a drop in the water pressure.

There are several ways to check for low water pressure. First, purchase a pressure gauge that attaches to a hose bibb that registers pressure at that outlet, be sure to understand proper pressure requirements, and be sure you know the maximum allowed pressure (Regulated is 70psi) in Los Angeles. check if all the faucets in the house have low water pressure. If only one faucet has low pressure then remove the aerator at the discharge end of the faucet and see if there is any debris or blockage in the aerator. You may also soak the faucet into a cleaning solution such as CLR to remove any debris.

If the low water pressure is common among all the faucets then check your water meter. If the meter is moving even if all the valves and faucets are close then this could indicate the presence of a leak somewhere in the portable system. At this point, you should contact a qualified licensed plumber to locate and repair the issue.

Clogged drains

Many homeowners encounter issues with clogged drains in their home. Normally, hair or other debris will get caught in the bathroom drain and this would cause the drain to become slow and get clogged at some point. Kitchen sinks can also get clogged with grease build up and food debris. If you often discard oil into your kitchen sink then that could harden over time block the pipes under the sink. There are over the counter drain cleaners available at the hardware store but you will need to be careful in using those since some of the available drain cleaners have strong chemicals which can corrode drainage systems and can cause injury and burns to your skin. The best alternative is to have your drains maintained or cleaned by a professional company.

Running toilets

Nothing wastes water more than running toilets. A running toilet can potentially increase your water bill several times and wastes a lot of water if it is not repaired. Most qualified residential plumbers can easily address the issue but if you want to do a quick fix then you can do it as well. Most running toilets are caused by the Fill valve not functioning properly. Lift the toilet tank cover and see if the Fill valve is working properly or it should be replaced. The Fill valve has a float. Check to see if the float is cycling properly or the flapper is sealing tight at the discharge.

Some common signs of plumbing issues

In many cases, plumbing issues will not be as evident as it should be. You will not be aware that you need the help of a Qualified licensed plumber until the problem becomes much larger and will potentially cause a plumbing disaster. That is why it is important to understand and recognize any signs that your house has plumbing issues. Some of the most common signs of a plumbing issue are water stains and damage on the walls. Water stains can spread very rapidly especially if the leak is constant or larger. This could potentially cause damage to your structure behind the walls and the entire house. It can also cause injuries if a portion of the wall or ceiling were to collapse. So, it is important at the first sign of water damage to have a qualified and licensed residential plumber perform a proper leak detection and if needed repair it. In many cases, the stains are accompanied by a musty smell. This could indicate mold growth and this can be potentially harmful to you and your family’s health.

You might also encounter water appearing out of what seems to be nowhere in your home. Water may appear harmless but never underestimate its power. It could go in between spaces and cracks and can cause major structural damage to your house. It could weaken your home’s foundation, with enough water build up possibly destroy your house.

A drop in the water pressure can also be a good indicator of plumbing problems in the house. Household plumbing can be very complicated and qualified licensed plumbing experts should be contacted at the first sign of a problem. Water pressure drops can indicate several problems in your residential plumbing. It could be a leak in the pipes. It may also be a problem from the water source so you will need to check with the water department of your city. Another cause could be a clog and deposit buildups in the pipe. All these issues can be checked by a qualified plumber.

Additionally, If you encounter a sudden increase in your water bill without any changes in the way you use water then it could potentially be a sign of an issue as well. As mentioned some problems may not be very evident with the naked eye so it is best to consult a qualified plumber.

Another unpleasant sign of a plumbing issue to look out for are rust and sediment deposits on the water from your faucet. Rust deposits on the water can be very harmful and are signs of corrosion on the pipes. Rust deposits can be potentially harmful to your health coupled with other factors, so be sure to have your plumbing system inspected if there are signs of corrosion.

If any of these signs are evident in your house, you should call a Licensed and qualified plumber to diagnose the situation. It is better to error on the side of caution. Left unchecked and unattended plumbing problems no matter how seemingly minor and simple, may escalate quickly and cause significantly more problems for your home. Protect your house and contact Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co. to repair the problem for you.

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