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Slab Leak Detection & Repair

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A water meter test is an easy way to determine if your plumbing system is leaking.
Only trust the experts in slab leak repair in Los Angeles, CA
Don’t let anyone dismantle and destroy your property just to search for slab leaks. Finding a slab leak requires a thorough process with technical expertise, and experience and understanding in comprehensive leak detection.
Locating leaks non-destructively requires the use of modern leak detection tools such as electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators. With the proper leak detection equipment, leaks can be found and repaired with minimal disruption to property. In many cases, only a single floor tile needs to be removed and replaced.
Right Size Plumbing’s highly trained slab leak technicians use our own non-invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate the leak to save time, money and avoid unnecessary damage to your property.


Once the leak has been located under the slab, our leak detection specialist will provide slab leak repair options. Our motto is “Leak Detection Without Destruction”, but the reality for repairs can never be this, which is why Right Size Plumbing strives for the least destructive method when repairing.


Spot repair: open up the slab at the spot of the leak and repair leaking pipe. This option is cost effective for newer construction.
Repipe or Reroute: replace the entire line that was leaking. This is most effective for older plumbing systems that have a history of leaking.
Epoxy pipe coating: in-place pipe coating is applied through the inside of plumbing. This is mostly prescribed for a system that has a series of small leaks rendering the normal repair cost prohibitive or if it is too inconvenient to dig up the slab.

Why Does a Concrete Slab Leak?

A concrete slab is generally poured directly on the soil, reinforced with rebar. This process provides your home with a solid foundation. Your plumbing pipes are laid under the concrete slab and may leak for a number of reasons: rusting pipes, ground movement, tree roots, drain cleaners, poor assembly of the pipes and fittings. Unfortunately, plumbing pipes do not last forever and will eventually develop pinhole leaks over time.

Thanks to today’s technology, leaks can be detected under your slab. Right Size Plumbing leak detectors can locate leaks under concrete slabs, under the bathtub and outside under that big tree in the back yard, with minimum disruption and without destroying anything.


  • The sound of running water when all water is completely turned off.
  • A hot spot on your floor could indicate a hot water leak in your plumbing line.
  • Cracks in walls or flooring of your property.
  • Mildew or excessive moisture under carpets could indicate your a crack in your slab or foundation.
  • High water bills – Although a high water bill could indicate a water leak behind the wall or in your pool, plumbing under the slab is also a place that should be inspected.

West Hills Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab leaks are serious problems that need to be identified and repaired as quickly as possible in order to prevent damage to your home or building. Luckily, our expert team can quickly and efficiently identify, locate and fix slab leaks using modern equipment and plumbing practices.

Most slab leaks occur when the pipes underneath your home become damaged, often due to cracks or broken components. Due to the broken piping, water can leak out and damage your home’s building materials and structure.

Like all leaks, slab leaks need to be solved as quickly as possible, as excess water can cause serious damage to your home and require expensive repairs.

Are you concerned about a possible slab leak? Please call us now on (424) 284-8806 to speak to our expert plumbers and schedule an appointment for our team to visit your home and locate, identify and repair the potential leak.

How do slab leaks occur?

Modern homes are built on a concrete slab — a thick concrete layer that supports the home and provides a level, strong and durable building surface for your home or building to be constructed upon.

The drainage and water supply pipes that supply your home with water and provide drainage for waste water run through this concrete slab before connecting to the local water supply system in the area around your home.

Over time, the pipes that run through your home or building’s concrete slab can become worn or damaged. Slab leaks occur when cracks and breakages in these pipes cause water to drain out into the area underneath your home’s concrete slab.

Slab leaks can occur over time as pipes age, become corroded or weaken due to blockages and other damage. They can also occur as a result of earthquakes — even smaller earthquakes with no visible damage — which can cause the pipes under your home to shift in place.

Even minor vibrations and force caused by nearby construction can result in damage to drains and water supply pipes, causing slab leaks to develop.

Finally, slab leaks can occur because of improper installation of your home’s drainage and water supply pipes. This makes it important to choose a qualified, experienced plumber to install your home or building’s pipes in the first place.

If your home has slab leaks, it’s important that you take action as quickly as possible to prevent the leaks from causing serious damage. Below, we’ve listed the most common signs of a slab leak to help you identify potential problems and seek assistance as soon as possible.

Common signs of a slab leak:

Because slab leaks occur underneath your home, they’re not as obvious as more noticeable plumbing problems such as blocked drains and interior water leaks. However, there are a few visible signs that can indicate your home or building has a slab leak:

  • One of the most obvious signs of a slab leak is a “hot spot” with a high temperature in your floor. This often indicates that your hot water line is leaking, resulting in hot water flowing out into a specific area of your home’s slab.

It’s important to act quickly if you notice a hot spot, as there is not only a risk of damage from the leaking water but also the major expense of your water heater constantly working to heat up the wasted water.

  • Another common sign of a slab leak is the constant sound of running water, even when you aren’t running a faucet or shower. This usually comes from water leaking out from a broken pipe beneath your home.
  • Slab leaks often result in the development of mold and mildew, which can produce an unpleasant odor that doesn’t go away even with thorough cleaning. Mold often grows beneath your floorboards and carpeting, particularly in dark rooms with little sunlight.
  • Before mold can develop, slab leaks can often cause your flooring — particularly carpet and wooden flooring — to become slightly damp.
  • Finally, slab leaks will cause your home to use water even when you don’t have a faucet running. If your water meter is constantly ticking up and your water bill seems unusually high, a slab leak could be the root cause.

What to do if you have a slab leak:

Slab leaks can quickly cause lasting damage to your home, especially if the leaking water gets into flooring and building materials. There is also a risk of slab leaks contributing to a high water bill as a result of wasted water leaking out of your home’s water supply pipes.

If you notice any of the signs listed above, please call us on (424) 284-8806 to schedule your appointment or speak to our plumbing team. It’s extremely important that you take action as quickly as possible after identifying a slab leak to prevent damaging your home.

Our slab leak detection and repair services:

We offer slab leak detection and repair services for home and property owners in the Greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area. Available 24/7, our team can take your calls any time of day and provide fast, effective service.

Slab Leak Detection in West Hills

Are you concerned about a possible slab leak? If your home shows the signs of a slab leak, our West Hills experienced team can identify the location of a slab leak using leak detection equipment, letting us take quick and effective action to prevent damage to your home.

Unlike internal water leaks, which are easy to locate and identify, slab leaks can be very difficult to find without specialized equipment. Our plumbing equipment can find the exact location of a leak under your concrete slab without the need for excavation or dismantling your property.

Our leak detection toolkit includes electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipe locators, letting us quickly find the exact location of any leak in your home or building.

Slab Leak Repair

We offer a range of slab repair services, with the ideal option for your home depending on the leak’s location and severity. In some cases, slab leak repair can be performed with the removal and replacement of a single floor tile, resulting in minimal damage to your home.

Our motto is “leak detection without destruction.” For any repair, our expert plumbers will use the least invasive and destructive repair method to ensure maximum convenience.

Our slab leak repair options include the following:

  • Slab leak spot repair, which involves opening the slab at the location of the leak and repairing the leaking pipe. This repair option is the most cost effective for newer homes and buildings.
  • Repipe or reroute, which involves the replacement of the entire line affected by the slab leak. This option is preferred for older homes and buildings with dated plumbing systems that are at risk of leaking again in the future.
  • Epoxy pipe coating, which involves the use of an in-place pipe coating that’s applied to the inside of the plumbing. This repair option does not require the slab to be dug up and is ideal for repairing several small leaks within a single pipe.

Before our team repairs your slab leak, we’ll explain the situation and discuss the best leak repair option for your home and budget. Our goal is always to choose the least destructive and invasive repair method to reduce the level of inconvenience for you and your family.

What happens if you don’t repair a slab leak?

Slab leaks can occur suddenly, often when an old, worn pipe cracks and starts to leak water into the area beneath your home’s concrete slab.

Like most plumbing problems, the effects of a slab leak can grow exponentially worse if you fail to take immediate action. Small leaks that produce mold and dampness can quickly turn into big leaks that seriously damage your home’s materials and require expensive repairs.

There’s also a direct financial cost to slab leaks, as you’ll need to pay for the excess water that leaks into your home from the broken pipe. With a 24/7 leak, this amount can quickly add up to have a significant effect on your water bill.

If you notice a slab leak, it’s extremely important that you act as soon as possible to prevent the leak from worsening and causing lasting damage to your home. Even the smallest of leaks are capable of causing serious damage if they soak into your home’s flooring and materials.

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With our modern equipment, we can repair your slab leak with minimal damage to your property and produce long-lasting results. Our West Hills team has fixed thousands of slab leaks before and helped a diverse range of home and property owners.

Based in Winnetka, we offer slab leak detection and repair services throughout the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area. Our team responds quickly to calls and can arrange a time and date for your slab leak repair around your schedule.

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