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Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co. is the Right Size for Your Job, Large or Small.

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Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co. sends professional, talented team members to your home and business, who possess the skill set and work ethic to treat every residence as though it were their very own. If it has to do with plumbing, we execute every facet of the work from beginning to end. Rest assured, even after we’re gone, our warranty continues to protect and uphold the quality of every job done. We stand behind our work because we care about what is right, we care about our company’s values, and, ultimately, we care about you.

Our veteran service providers are fully trained and educated in all residential and commercial plumbing systems. We also have a dedicated department solely for drain and water service emergencies. We are truly experts in our field.

Our team members are fully drug tested and background checked for both safety and peace of mind. At Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co., we believe that success begins with a well-crafted plan. Customer service above the industry standard is a vital cornerstone to the foundation of our business model.

At Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co. we pride ourselves on the quality second to none in all tasks that we execute – ranging from a leaky faucet to a gas line installation, to a sewer line install, to drain cleaning and hydro jetting. It’s the little things such as the shoe boot covers that all of our team members wear before entering your home. It’s also in the big things some companies seem to overlook such as executing knowledgeable, high-quality work the first time around. Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co. aims to make you a respected customer for life.We want to be your reliable go-to team for your family when we install that whole house filtration system, and your friends’ go-to team when you have referred us for our leak detection technicians to pinpoint that water leak under a slab, thereby preventing potentially major damage.

This kind of relationship can only be built over time, born of dedication to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. We’re surpassing industry standards because we set the bar.

We believe in customer service over and above the industry standard

Our cutting-edge technology has taken the guess work out of the sewer and drain emergency services and provided comprehensive video and digital archiving to assist technicians with the appropriate diagnosis, to better educate the homeowners and clients. Long before any replacement alternatives are performed, our experts will be sure to inform you of every possible solution, ranging from basic drain rooting to an accessible clean out, or an advanced approach such as hydro-jetting for those tougher problematic applications. Our knowledgeable techs can also offer a host other options to explore your immediate and long-term drain cleaning and maintenance needs. Here at Right Size Plumbing & Drain Co., we provide emergency response service with state-of-the-art equipment that is capable of tackling any residential or commercial backup or stoppage. Whether the stoppage is caused by roots, foreign objects, excessive debris, grease buildup, mineral scaling, or more, Right Size Plumbing & Drain is the company for the job.

Our Plumbing Services

West Hollywood Drain Cleaning & Maintenance. Clogged drains can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from substances ending up lodged in the drain to tree and plant roots growing into pipes or joints. Our experienced team has fixed a wide variety of drain blockages and can quickly identify and solve your plumbing problems.

West Hollywood Slab Leak Detection. Right Size Plumbing leak detectors can locate leaks under concrete slabs, under the bathtub and outside under that big tree in the back yard, with minimum disruption and without destroying anything.

West Hollywood Commercial & Residential Tankless Water Heaters. We cater to residential and commercial tank and tankless water heaters. With that, we are industry leaders in providing green technology partnered with top brands to bring you the best efficiency and warranty in the business. We are always looking for new and better ways to evolve in a more verdant world and stay current with the latest in energy efficiency. This helps you be kinder to the planet while bringing the best technology into your world.

West Hollywood Leak Detection. All water or gas leak detections require not only a comprehensive checklist of the procedures that are the protocol for successful location, but they also require a solid understanding of how to generate the desired effect to reproduce the same leak, without that gas or air being live. It takes training to evaluate the resonance and various sounds, and this experience can only be developed through repetitive instruction taught in a training facility. That takes learning through real life situations and applying your trade craft under competent leadership, not just providing an employee with the equipment and letting them learn on the job, especially at a client’s expense.

West Hollywood Hydro jetting. We offer hydro jetting services to quickly, safely and effectively clean out your home’s drainage system with no chemicals or damage. Our experienced staff has used hydro jetting to remove blockages from thousands of drains in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area.

West Hollywood Trenchless Pipe Replacement. Our trenchless pipe replacement service lets you replace your sewer pipe without any need for excavation. Instead of forcing you to deal with major construction work in your yard, our expert plumbing team can quickly and efficiently replace your sewer pipe without any inconvenience.

West Hollywood Remodeling. Our experienced team works as efficiently as possible to complete your renovation on schedule or ahead of time. You’ll know exactly how much time is required for your project before we get to work and start remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or other interior space.

West Hollywood Gas Line Installation & Repairs. Our gas line installation services, on the other hand, are ideal for new homes and buildings that require access to gas, or older properties that currently use an electrical stove, heating system or water heater and want to make the switch to gas.

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